Monday, March 31, 2008


Thursday 3/27 approx 6:30am
Victoria got up to go to bathroom, foot was dressed but a significant amount of fluid (mostly blood) was seeping; this was the first time any fluids or bleeding came through a dressing. Changed dressing.

Approx 10am
Arrived for appt with Wound Care. Nurse looked at wound, measured and said she was calling Infectious Disease(ID). Dressed wound. ID requested we come as soon as possible. We obtained appt at 1pm

Approx 1pm
Arrived at ID. Seen by PA, several nurses. PA took culture, ordered blood and IV antibiotics. Scheduled IV antibiotics daily for 6 weeks. Seen by Wound Nurse, specialist in wound care; she measured, then wound was dressed and a specialized shoe was provided to remove pressure from wound area. Taken off oral antibiotics. Left at approx 5 pm.

Victoria’s foot was slipping in shoe badly, distending her ankle. Stopped using once home. Debried, cleaned and dressed wound - significant fluid in old dressing.

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