Monday, March 31, 2008


Monday 3/31 am
Victoria took shower, debried, cleaned and dressed wound.

9:45 am
Arrived ID for appointment with Dr of podiatry (DrPod). He looked, did a little debrieding, dressed the wound with a silver infused pad. Gave us a prescription for more pads. Talked about wet/dry dressings. Left about 11am

1:15 pm
Returned to ID for appoint with Dr(supervising the IV - DrIV) and Wound Nurse (WN). She undressed the wound and began aggressively cutting away tissue. She cut away a piece of bone in the foot for a culture. DrIV joined came in and looked. He dug around with his finger and said the joint was impacted and only surgical intervention would work. He recommended a Surgical Dr (DrSur) at different Hospital with WN’s concurrence. He left to attempt to get an appointment. I complained about the dressing on Friday and that no one seemed to be willing to get into the wound. It had been a week since we first came and only TODAY did someone actually do something with the wound - even though DrPod and WN acted completely opposite. WN complained of the dressing, the lack of debrieding and the first nurse that opened the dressing for WN complained that the compression dressing (done by DrPod) was done badly and wrong. I said that if no one was going to take ownership, we may as well try somewhere else. If people were going to sit back and say, too bad, foot has got to go and be unwilling to get in and try to save the heel, please, get out. I don’t want to deal with them. Give me someone that is going to try their damnest - and I will do everything within my power to help - or get out.

DrIV returned and WN and he suggested a full contact cast. This would limit everyone’s ability to treat the wound daily, but the damage being caused by Victoria’s walking - even as limited as it has become - would prevent any healing. We were sent to casting. WN and we agreed to 36 hours. Wednesday morning the cast would come off and we would see if the time off the heel helps. An appointment with the DrSur was scheduled for 1:15pm Wednesday.

After casting the foot, Victoria got her IV antibiotics. We left at 5pm.

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