Thursday, May 1, 2008


Cast change. The timing of today's cast change meant I was not going to be in the room when WN did the check and pack. I did notice that two spots where I had taken Victoria's blood sugar on her wounded foot have not been clean pokes. No more blood tests from that foot. (WN agreed!) CJ and I got back just as CT was beginning to work on the cast...which I thought was going to be red and black. In honor of that color scheme, both Victoria and I were wearing black shorts and red t-shirts. Apparently the fix was in....purple and pink.

The wound is...interesting. When Victoria is out of the cast, her foot does a lot of moving. This is good as it helps with circulation. Her leg and foot always look dark when the cast first comes off but it pinks up nicely in about 5 or so minutes. Part of the reason is that her leg is held in place and so the muscles don't aid much in the circulation. Her leg has to rely almost entirely on the circulation system. The previous packing was very goopy and had noticeable blood staining. None of this is bad. However, it does make Victoria's foot feel a little like she is walking in mud. The wound itself has begun 'sticking its tongue' out. When Victoria flex's her toes up, the tissue in the wound...well, it sticks out of the wound. Not much, but from the side....

Cast change done, we went off to IN. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I did note to the IN staff that I don't like BugN. From the looks passed around, I either said something really bad, or something well known. Victoria thinks I said something bad. I said I had no problems with the staff (in as much as their professionalism and their caring), just I had some disagreements.

IV went smoothly. BP just back over 150. Temp ok. The weather was nice when we went in, not so when we came out.

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