Friday, May 16, 2008

5/8 to 5/12

I apologize for leaving this unattended. Between dealing with the issues raised with DrIV#2 on Wednesday and being busy, it has slipped. Let's catch up.

Infusion was fine. They changed the dressing on the PIC line and her BP and temp were ok.

Cast change also was fine. Very goupy in the old dressing but it looked good. The edges seem a little less growth oriented and we talked to WN about scrapping them next time if they stay the same. The depth measurement is all over the place, 1.9, then 3.9, then 2.4, now 2.6. We are not sure what to make of it, only that it is clear things are improving. Pictures posted shortly. I also, after having a chance to think of it, want to look at the x-rays again. I asked one of the nurses that work with DrIV#2 if I could see them again, she said they could be viewed tomorrow (5/9). We were both somewhat subdued dealing with staff.

Just infusion. I had hoped to see the x-rays today, but they 'need a doctor's order'. Which is stupid...they are OUR x-rays. It was suggested that I go to x-ray and ask them directly, which I did. After a long song and dance about HIPAA (this is the law that protects your medical records from unauthorized disclosure) in which the x-ray supervisor VIOLATED HIPAA repeatedly, she brought up the x-rays with a release form. She also demanded a photo ID of Victoria - which we seldom have with us. One of ID staff vouched for Victoria but the x-ray person said that wasn't good enough...the IV stuck in her arm could be someone else....I promised to bring the ID on Monday.

5/10 and 5/11
Infusions at WEC, no problems. BP is again lower here than the weekly readings in IN. It has to be the early time (8am vs 4pm during the week). The PIC line dressing area is irritated and bruised. The mesh they put over the dressing keeps rolling, is too tight and keeps getting snagged on part of the PIC line. (I will post a picture in the next week of the PIC line). IN changed to dressing to move it away from the irritation. But we have stopped using the mesh (which seemed to be fine for 5 weeks) and started using a light compression sleeve the CT use. The irritation looks like a rug burn. I put some lotion on it when we got home.

Infusion. I had staff call down to x-ray for the x-rays and they said they would be up at the end of Victoria's treatment - why wait??? We had to call down again when she was done as they had not shown up. When she did arrive, I showed her the ID, she gave the release to Victoria to sign and then asked for the ID again to check signature(??). I said NOTHING. It was noted by the IN staff.

Ms x-ray storage person: You talked to me about Victoria's x-rays. This was two violations of HIPAA - talking to someone other than the patient and acknowledging that in fact Victoria WAS a patient. You did this for almost 15 minutes. You then discussed the x-rays with someone you didn't KNOW was the patient. Next time you CYA, you better use something better than a single piece of TOILET PAPER. stupid idiot.

I also apologized to BugN. She didn't seem to understand why, and I was not able to keep it together enough to explain. We see her on Friday...we'll see if I can do it then better.

We took the x-rays home and I will post the pictures of them shortly.

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