Friday, May 16, 2008


Cast change. Very goupy and it is clear that 5 days is too long. There is irritation showing on the skin where it has been wet for too long. With WN we agree to return to the Monday/Thursday routine starting on Monday 5/19. The risk is too high for further tissue damage or additional infections. She did another heavy scrapping making it all look like hamburger but also did a big scrap on the edges of the wound...hoping to resume the strong tissue growth we have been seeing. I have pictures too. She added some medication to the irritation areas AND added extra medication to the same areas to prevent moisture from penetrating. (the stuff they put on noses...the white stuff)

Infusion. We talked about timing - we are usually the last ones of the day so we are going to try to come a little earlier next week -which, hopefully, will be the last week of infusion IVs

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