Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Arrived for appointment and checked in at X-Ray also. We had seen DrIV#2 for a moment yesterday and he agreed to come down and look at the wound when the cast was off. CT got the cast off and we waited for X-Ray to come get us....which happened within 5 minutes!

Into the X-ray room and the tech asked me to go sit in the waiting room, I declined and said I would wait in the hall. They let me in a few minutes later while they checked the films. And, of course, they needed to redo one and asked "do you mind waiting outside?" I said, "yes, but I will comply." We were done and left nicely about 5 minutes later.

Returning to the cast room, CT got Victoria up and ready for WN. DAMN the wound looks great! Good improvement even though the cast was on an extra day.

The cast SMELLS bad and the slipper was very wet from seepage. But the wound was great. WN measured and noted that she found the wound was deeper than originally thought, after a little change in angles, the wound is almost 4 cm deep. She believes it has always (the last month) been this way but it was hard to find till the wound was completely clean of dead tissue. Despite the depth, she said she felt the wound was progressing very well. DrIV#2 came in right behind her and got a chance to look. He glanced at the x-rays also. We will meet with him longer tomorrow.

WN then took out my favorite tool, the round scapel with a hole and proceeded to scrape every surface of the wound. When she was down, it did look like healthy....hamburger. A little of the bone was still accessible so she worked on it too.

After packing the wound with poop (the brown enzyme) and getting the wound covered, we talked about the schedule. Normally we would be in on Thursday, but there is no reason to go back so soon. However, waiting til Monday means 6 days. 5 days stretched everyone's comfort zone so we planned on returning Friday. But WN did agree that 5 days might not be a bad period at this point. So, starting Friday, we will do next Wednesday, then the following Monday, then Friday then Wednesday and so on. Maybe a month or so of that and then we see.

One issue that is becoming apparent, the tissue in the wound is not as attached to the growing skin cover. This might happen over time, but the two items are not growing much together. WN noticed also, but said it was impossible to predict exactly how each wound will heal.

I did not have the camera with today, so we will have to wait til Friday for the next look.

CT got a black cast on and we left. Victoria had lunch with Sue while I went off in search of a self-propelled mower. (hey, I am getting older, a little help would be nice!)

Arrive at IN. PIC dressing change day; blood draw for tests day; IV first, then changing the dressing. All fine. BP a little high still 150s. No temp. When the IV was done, they tried to draw blood through the PIC...no go. Damn. Lab was called to draw the blood which happened quickly and 'easily'. We were done by 4:45 and headed home.

I have rearranged the garage so Victoria doesn't have to go around the car door going in and out...don't know why I didn't do is sooner.

Tomorrow we find out how much longer on the IV.

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