Friday, April 11, 2008



All day at office then to ID for IV. Arrived and got set up. Today is dressing change. The PIC needs to have all the various components - except the PIC itself, replaced and cleaned. So, while that was going on by IN, the IV dripped. Meds were changed. Victoria was getting 500mg of whatever antibiotic, now she is up to 1000mg (1g). Based on her tests of Wednesday, her liver and kidney functions are fine, so they upped the dose on the antibiotic. Relating to the previous post of Tuesday where BugN was concerned there were still too many infection markers.

Our schedule for the weekend has changed, we get to sleep extra half hour. We were out by 4:30 and with picked up Lizann - Victoria's sister - for dinner. Her birthday is Monday and we took her out for ribs.

DrPri office called this morning asking if Victoria would come in to see her. I told the nurse we were very unhappy with DrPri right now, but that we would talk about it. We have, but not yet come to a decision.

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