Thursday, April 17, 2008



Odd time for cast change. Victoria did a shower last night with the cast on, we did lots of things to try and keep it dry, with less than 100% success. Still. The cast is leaking like a sieve. Fluid is seeping out and into the slipper.

CT took off the cast and got it ready for WN. She came in and we discussed the issue. One option is to switch back to 3 changes a week. Victoria's foot was white and wrinkled. The bottom of her foot had been damp for too long. Her foot is also peeling. This happened with the toe ulcer too, but the area is much larger. WN removed the excess peeling skin. It is similar to a sunburn peel.

The fluid seeping is likely caused by the amount of fluid that is in Victoria's legs. I have been trying to get her to keep her feet up as much as possible but she refuses. By this time on the toe ulcer, her ankles were showing. There has been NO change in the amount of fluid in her legs since this started. It is clear that the fluid is finding it's way out the heel wound. This is NOT GOOD for tissue healing. Victoria is also getting weaker in her legs. I think the two are related.

WN said she would try a few different things to see if it helps reduce the fluid seepage or at least protects Victoria's foot from too much moisture. We will have to see. She added new ointments to the wound and packed it extra. Cast is blue!!!

We were out just before 3 and headed for IN.

We got set up in a separate room than the general area. No biggie. Blood pressure still a little high and temp ok. IN went to wait for the IV fluid. After 20 minutes, I went looking for them. Apparently, the IV got lost and they forgot about us. She brought the IV a little later and got us started...40 minutes after we got there. Everything went ok and we were out by 4:25p

Another weekend coming.

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