Monday, April 21, 2008

4/18, 4/19 and 4/20

sorry about the delay.

Friday: Victoria fell again overnight. It was very hard to get her up and her neck was seriously stressed. This is the second time this week and we need to address the issues causing it.

IV went well. No issues.

Saturday, 9am
IV at WEC. Talked to IN about the falls and BugN's pronouncements. No issues. I went to Milwaukee and met someone selling a wheelchair. The price was good and it is a sturdy, wide model. AND, it fit in the trunk perfectly! Just need a cushion for it. But Victoria tried it and it works great and she likes it!!

Victoria slipped off her recliner overnight. This is the third 'fall' in the last 5 days. I would say we are getting better at getting her back up, but it still took almost an hour and she still stressed joints. This is NOT something we want to get better at.

IV at WEC. Then off to church and Victoria's first use of the new chair. Worked fine.

Our good friend Nene offered a lifting recliner to us. Which we gratefully accepted. She and a friend delivered it today. After some re-arranging of the living room, we got it in and set up. This will make it much easier for her to get out of the chair overnight to go to the bathroom without the risk of falling.

THANK YOU NENE! It is working great.

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