Monday, April 7, 2008


Up at the crack of dawn, Victoria woke early and headed for the bathroom, which woke the dogs, which started whining about getting out for their bathroom break. So, I got up, and so did CJ and so, 15 minutes before we had to be, we were all up. Joy.

Off to drop of CJ and onward to ID. Arrived and checked in. Different cast tech than CT, but we have heard a lot about him and feel comfortable. Nice chat while he removed the cast. He called WN to let her know we were ready. The wound looked ..ok... there was little overspill - fluids in the padding around the wound. It was very...juicy thou. WN came in and decided a measurement was in order. 5.7 x 5cm x 2.7cm deep. It is a little deeper, but smaller in circumference than 10 days ago - fractionally. After a little cleaning, she packed and a new cast was put on - red again!

Out we went. A little court, a little office and we were home by 12:30.

Arrived for IV at ID and our appointment with the person in charge of the infection. She works with DrIV and WN, but is more focused on the actual infection. She is a little concerned because the 'markers' for infection persist. Although Victoria is not showing any signs of any know, other that the big hole in her foot. I will call her BugN.

Liver function has returned to 'normal'. Kidneys have returned to 'normal - 2.7'. Blood is still very anemic, 7.1. Continue as we are, see ya in 2 weeks. DrIV will see us next week and they will alternate.

IV was run and we were out by 4:40. I got Victoria home and went out to fetch some dinner. DrPri called (well, the staff did). She wanted Victoria to go to the hospital to be admitted and evaluated. She said she is very anemic, that her kidneys and liver were not working and that she wanted her in the hospital.

"Ah, no. We were seen by WN this morning, BugN this afternoon and we have been getting IVs for the last 11 days. What exactly did DrPri think the hospital - besides charging us 2k a night - was going to tell us???" Kidneys and liver are back to normal and we are using iron supplements to help boost the blood.

The nurse asked: you are being seen every day? DUH. Are we going to have another fiasco like last week? Tell DrPri, we are not going to the hospital. I hung up.

I think I will ask the provider for a price list.....

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