Tuesday, April 22, 2008



DrPRI's office called. She is concerned by the low blood count.... (are you rolling your eyes...again?!)

"Yeeessssss..." said I.

"The doctor wants to try and find out where Victoria is bleeding. You said she was not bleeding from the heel wound..."

"Said? There have been more than a dozen cast changes, a surgeon has looked at the OPEN wound and THERE IS NO BLEEDING OUT."

"Yes, well, the doctor wants to try and figure out where she is bleeding from...."

"She ISN'T bleeding from ANYWHERE!"

"Well, her blood count is low.."

"Yes, because **** Medical gave her a drug that CAUSED the anemia to get worse, but as I am sure the numbers you have indicate, she is recovering from that mistake."

"Yes, but the doctor..."

Wants a colonoscopy. No thanks....did that 2 years ago....the likelihood of a big change occurring since then is pretty small as there are NO risk factors. AND....there is no indication in her stools of anything wrong there.

I ended the conversation. And, another nurse called 2 hours later, saying that DrPRI still wanted the test done. I said no and hung up.

Arrived at ID for the IV at IN. (sheesssh). Got the weekly blood draw done so that DrPRI can have another hysterical afternoon tomorrow..... Otherwise, easy afternoon.

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