Thursday, April 3, 2008


Victoria had a good night (she stole the rest of my iced oatmeal cookies during the night!).

We had a long day at the office planned. The first one in 2 weeks. Clients, new client to be seen.

We picked up CJ and went to get her IV done. No issues. IV went fine and we rescheduled the next couple of infusions (the original schedule of every day has been modified to every other day). We talked about having blood drawn again. Victoria has an appointment with casting and WN in the morning and blood will be drawn then. This will give us 3 days of iron supplements and 5 days of multivitamens (with iron and zinc kickers). With the IV done and the schedule for the next 3 days set, off we went.

There were no calls by DrPri today. Maybe she threw her hands up.

Update from 4/2. WN confirmed there was NO INFECTION in the bone fragment!!!! This is GREAT news. Of course, it means the problem with the bone was caused by Victoria walking on it for the last 3 months. But no bone infection means we have less long term worries. It can still get infected, but the general infection appears to be under control right now. The rebuilding can begin.

We got home by 5 and had dinner. Cast change tomorrow.

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