Sunday, April 6, 2008


That alarm this morning was very impolite.

We got up and drove out to WEC. No issues with the IV. Nursing staff is polite and professional in the IV department.

We were done and out of there at 8:40.

On Thursday another man was in IV. His arm was very dusky and swollen. He wore a walking cast and his other arm was mottled. We watched as staff tried to get another line in and tried to be less invasive. Kinda hard to do in a 10 x 20' room full of chairs for IVs.

We saw him again yesterday, obviously on his way into WEC for his daily IV. This morning, we talked for a few minutes. He had an infection in the toe and lost part of the bone. He was healing, but also had a PIC put in for daily IV antibiotics. On Thursday a clot formed near the PIC line and it was a close thing. This was something we were not aware of possibly happening.

He was doing a larger percentage of his medical stuff at home and that might have had some impact, but it was clear he was more interested in coming in every day into the future to prevent such a problem recurring. He was 3 weeks into treatment. We are just passing 1.

Did I post this? We are looking for a wide wheelchair. The Wheelchair Recycling place does not have one and the cost of new is prohibitive. Renting is over $250 a month. Let me know if you know of one out there.

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