Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Another 'easy' day. Only the IV to worry about. Got there at 3:40 and checked in. The area was busy today and the staff was dealing with 4 patients (two nurses). They got Victoria started and we talked about blood draws. The original plan was to do them on Tuesday so that results would be back before the weekend.

The decision was made to get them done today as they were not done yesterday. While we relaxed with the IV flowing, the staff worked on others. After about 20 minutes (it takes about 30 for the IV), Victoria moved the IV pump so that I could see how much longer. It said she had gotten only about 5% of her dose. I looked at the numbers and saw right away that the rate was wrong. It is supposed to be 220ml, it was set at 22ml. I called one of the nurses over and got it set right. So, we settled in for another 25 minutes.

After the IV was done, they drew the blood and finished up. We left just at 5pm.

Tomorrow, cast change and cleaning and debrieding.

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