Monday, April 28, 2008

4/26-27, 4/28

4/26 8am
Yes, wonderful time to get up on a Saturday and be out and about. Got to WEC, got IV, temp and BP ok. In and out.

4/27 8am
Yuk. CJ hated getting up early and going to WEC and then to church. But, we got in, took a 10 minute nap each and got out. Staff was busy both days so there was little chit-chatting going on.

4/28 2pm
Arrived at ID on time and got in to see CT right away. WN's assistant #2 came in with the ultrasound debrieder. The wound looks very good and it is clear there has been more filling in. No way it is as deep as it was...but have to wait and see. I actually got my nose into the removed cast - OH MY GOD does it smell BAD. The fluid coming out was tinged with blood. This is a good thing (not just in my opinion) as it indicates there is more and more good tissue being exposed.

WN came in and smiled upon looking at the wound. She got to work right away. I had snapped a few pictures before she started. The wound is no longer 'round'. It has been oblong for a while, but the shape is definitely changing. 10 minutes of the ultrasound and she was done. I took some more pictures and then had to hurry out to get CJ. I was late, AND IT WAS SNOWING! Not a mix, not flurries, SNOW. Big ole hairy snowball sized wet flakes. CJ had forgotten her coat this say she was upset that I was almost 10 minutes late...well, she wasn't THAT upset!

Got back and both techs were there as one has been working on Victoria for several weeks and he was passing his insights on the other. Purple cast this time around. He was a little heavy around the arch but otherwise, a workable cast. We then went on to IN.

We got set up and talked about a bruise on Victoria's neck. Apparently the fall last week has left a mark. The bruise is about 6 inches long by 1.5" wide on the side of her neck. It is healing.

BP was 150 and temp ok. IV was smooth but we got there late and got out of there just before 5pm. Caught the rush 20 minutes but was home by 5:25p


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