Friday, April 4, 2008


Early call for cast change and debriedment.

Arrived at ID at 8am. Went to ortho for the cast change and for WN to come in and clean and inspect. We had worked out a plan to have some blood drawn at the same time so after Victoria was set and the cast was being removed, I went and told the IV staff we were ready. By the time I got back, the assistant to WN was wheeling in a new toy. An ultrasonic debrieder. The cast off, I took a few pictures. There are two pictures in this post. PLEASE, if you have a weak stomach, DON'T go look. The IV nurse came in and we chatted as she drew blood. WN came in and got all set up and fired away. The ultrasonic used saline and sound to clear away most of the light brown tissue from the wound.. After she was done, she packed the heel and a new cast was put on. CJ has been picking the colors: first one was purple, then black, today's was red.

We were out of there by 10am. We went to a local medical supply place to check into wheel chairs. $250 a month rental, almost 2k to buy. We have our name on a list for a wide chair at the recycling place but they don't get them often. We went to lunch and home. I did some office things and picked up CJ from school. She is spending the weekend at a friends.

I got a call about 7pm. The IV staff called to let us know some changes. First, the antibiotics are screwing with Victoria's liver. That is a big no-no. Kidneys, bad, liver, dangerous. So, they are changing the type and we are going back on daily IV, but we are also getting an antibiotic for aggressive skin infections that she will take twice a day orally. I got this message when I was on the way to Walmart to pick up Victoria's test strips for her sugar test machine. Lucky I didn't have to make two trips, but the meds were there waiting. No infection in the bone is a great thing, but infection, with a wound this size, is right around the corner at every move. Antibiotics are going to be a daily thing for the next year.

Early call in the morning...damn, two mornings we COULD sleep in but we need to be at WEC at 8am both Saturday and Sunday.

Also, need to name the tech that does the cast. Super nice guy. CT = cast tech.

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