Friday, April 25, 2008


Last night Victoria complained that the side of her foot hurt. She felt the bandaid that had been put on a spot of rubbing by the cast had come loose and moved, making a rubbing spot worse. As such, we said that if it persisted into the morning, we would go back to CT to have it redone.

The cast still hurt. We have to go to the office this morning, but I said I would make an appointment with CT.

Arrived at ID for cast check/redo. CT was fine with the request and got started on it. I did not believe the bandaid moved - really not possible - but there is no way I am going to dismiss the issue. The possibility of something going wrong is too high and the consequences too serious.

The cast came off and the bandaid was exactly where it had been put. Still, we talked about some minor changes and the bandaid was removed and a smaller, more flat covering applied. The cast was redone and as we learn, things improve. This cast is lighter, more stable to Victoria's foot - making it work better - and less tall...preventing her hips from being uneven - a source of discomfort.

Moved from CT to IN. I had checked in earlier with IN and they were waiting for us with meds all ready. I still had to leave to pick up CJ, but Victoria was done by the time I got back.

Insulin: Victoria had 40 units yesterday and none so far today. At most I expect 30-50 units. Sugars have been in the 100s.

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