Thursday, April 24, 2008


Arrived at ID for cast change and got in pretty quick. CT cut the old cast off and we talked about Victoria's experience. It was a lot heavier and more difficult to walk in, but it did do what it was supposed to do - stop the posting.

The wound looked very good. WN came in and agreed. She then started cleaning out the wound. This was in response to the previous comments I made to her. It looked good and she added a new compound to the wound and packed it to the brim.

Quick in and out (20 minutes) and the new cast was started - color, black. CT modified it again to get it a little lighter. Still not perfect but by the time he was done, we were almost 2 hours late to IN.

IN put us in a private room and we waited for the meds to arrive (they are called for only once we are actually in IN). BP still a little high and temp ok. Most of Victoria's heart rates are in the low 60s!

We got out around 11:30a and got some lunch before heading to the office for a potential client meeting. This was only the second time we used the wheelchair but it fits in all the office doors including the bathroom!

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