Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Court today, went to office to meet with clients then court. Too much walking for Victoria. Finished and went home, getting lunch along the way.

Got to ID and had IV done. No issues. Staff noticed we were very quiet. The trial outcome was unexpected - not bad, we won...but not as expected.

Victoria's legs were very tired upon getting home.

We haven't talked about blood pressure and temps. Victoria gets fluctuating temperatures. Late afternoon it is not unusual to be near 100. By the time dinner is over, it is back to something normal. So when the drs and nurses ask if she has been experiencing sweats or temperatures, the answer is yes, but. Except the one day it was 102, she has been pretty consistently under 100. Morning temps have been in the 97 range.

Blood pressure and Victoria. If she is compliant with her meds, her pressure is just a little high (mid 130's over 70s). When she is not, it can be all over the place, high 180s not unreasonable.

She has been very compliant the last 2 weeks and most of the BP readings have been good. But Monday it was very high (188/77) and it was only marginally improved today (176/74). Not sure why.

Her sugar levels have been stable in the 100s (high 180-190s during the day, low 100's in the morning) After the 35, I have been a little gun shy about being agressive.

Long day and both are tired.

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